François Coppex

Bern / Switzerland / 1975.
If that's me you're looking for, you are welcome to contact me here.

Selected publications (most recent first; 2009-1999)

Solving the Black-Scholes equation: a demystification (unpublished)
Stationary state of a heated granular gas: stability analysis and fate of the usual H-functional (Physica A 370, 179)
Maxwell and very hard particle models for probabilistic ballistic annihilation: hydrodynamic description (Phys. Rev. E. 72, 021105)
Lecture notes in numerical computational sciences modelization (graduate lecture notes)
On a class of Nonequilibrium Dissipative Systems (Ph.D. Thesis)
Front motion in an A+B -> C type reaction-diffusion process: Effects of an electric field (J. Chem. Phys. 122, 024512)
Single-bubble sonoluminescence (unpublished)
Hydrodynamics of probabilistic ballistic annihilation (Phys. Rev. E 70, 061102)
Lotka-Volterra Model of Macro-Evolution on Dynamical Networks (Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences 3039, p. 742-749, Springer Verlag)
Extinction dynamics of Lotka-Volterra ecosystems on evolving networks (Phys. Rev. E 69, 061901)
Probabilistic ballistic annihilation with continuous velocity distributions (Phys. Rev. E 69, 011303)
Lecture notes in Mechanics II (University of Geneva)
Yang-Lee zeros for an urn model for the separation of Sand (Phys. Rev. Lett. 91, 160602)
On the first Sonine correction for granular gases (Physica A 329, 114)
Some exact results for Boltzmann's annihilation dynamics (Phys. Rev. E 67, 021103)
The Complexity (Post-graduate lectures notes)
Dynamics of the breakdown of granular clusters (Phys. Rev. E 66, 011305)
Lecture notes in Advanced Statistical Mechanics (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne)
Correlations in Inhomogeneous Plasmas and Forces Between Macroscopic Bodies (EPFL Master Thesis)
A Physicist's Formulary (unpublished; history of changes)
Thermonuclear Fusion (unpublished)
Numerical Study of the Air Injection on a Wing Associated Hydrofoil (EPFL Engineer Project)

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